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Create your first subject-specific online portfolio and find the job that suits you best!


SKILLARY will make you visible to your market and boosts your career and here you decide for yourself who may learn more about you. Create your profile and send it via a 48 hour personalized link to whomever you choose.


We support your career!

Are you looking for a new job or just want to be kept up to date about what the job market has to offer? Create your SKILLARY profile and apply directly to companies of your interest. Identify your market value and never miss a job opportunity again!


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SKILLARY is different! We will ask the RIGHT questions that will best portray your skills in your respective field. No other network offers you the chance to present your industry skills and know-how in such a focused and precise manner.


What makes us unique for YOU

Using our specifically developed questionnaire, you have the opportunity to describe your skill-set and experience in over 1000 different parameters, as detailed and precise as never before, to generate your SKILLARY profile. You present not only your skills, but also your aspirations for the next steps in your career.


How would you like to develop further? In which area should there be further training? Or do you want to open up in a completely new field? We offer you all these options with SKILLARY.

Always on the market – actively and passively
Anonymized and fair
It‘s about you: Present and future
Our partners

Ferdinand Fleckenstein

Dipl.-Ing. (Univ.) Architect

With SKILLARY being the first industry specific platform I can finally describe my in depth expertise in an adequate manner.

Blanca Huss

Dipl.-Ing. (Univ.) Architect

Having two children, SKILLARY lets me identify project based work efficiently and effectively.

Sezen Ünal

Masterstudent Architecture

At last an online platform with a specialist focus!


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